We are excited to announce  that we are once again partnering up with IRFU Tag to once again run an Autumn series tag tournament!

The games kick off  on Wednesday August 24th and will run for 6 weeks with a finals night on 30th September!

Tag rugby is a 7 a side mixed gender sport played with a minimum of 3 female team members. Tag is one of the fastest growing sports in Ireland and is a good grounding for anyone interested in becoming involved in Rugby.

Teams are allowed 6 attacking set of play per turn. An attacking play is stopped when a defending teams player pulls a tag from the attacking ball carriers shorts. Play is resumed when the ball is rolled between the attacking players legs. If after 6 plays the attacking team fails to score a try the ball is turned over to the opposing team. Teams score points from a try with a male try being worth 1 point and female try counting for 3 points. 

Here at Swords we will be focusing on the social aspects of tag and will have a range of Après Tag events arranged such as BBQs, pool and snooker competitions, charity table quiz and a fancy dress themed end of season party, not to mention some very special guests of honour! We hope you can join us for a fun filled 7 nights. 

Team Registration will cost €375 with an €80 deposit payable online and a maximum of 15 per team.

For more information and to register your team, go to or contact